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Travel agents to achieve more accurate CO2-emission data for business clients

TravelOperations announces strategic partnership with Thrust Carbon for more sustainable travel

Travel agents now have a unique opportunity to offer their corporate customers a fully automated CO2-emission reporting data flow that is more detailed than any other on the market. That’s the result of a new strategic partnership between Thrust Carbon and TravelOperations, the integrated mid and back-office solutions provider for the global travel industry.

“We’re giving our travel agents an easy way to provide detailed automated carbon reporting to their corporate customers.”

Peter Jacobsen, TravelOperations

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Thrust Carbon,” says, Peter JacobsenProduct Owner of TravelOperations Enterprise. “The Thrust Carbon partnership is an easy way for travel agents to give their corporate customers accurate, detailed and automated CO2 emission reporting data. We are adding this valuable service to the TravelOperations mid and back-office platform, to all our corporate and SME travel agents in any country in the world.” 

The Thrust Carbon Calculator provides carbon offsetting data at a more granular level than any other tool and has recently been awarded by IATA. “The first step to improving your environmental impact is understanding your data,” says Glenn Thorsen, Director of Partnerships of Thrust Carbon. “But, it’s complex to calculate in a meaningful and accurate way. We use hundreds of different data-points to deliver the most detailed level of carbon reporting available.” 

For example, in the corporate travel sector, Thrust Carbon factors in the impact of flights based not simply on distance travelled, but also the engine type and load factor of the airplane and airline. They offer similar granular impact data for everything from car rental to hotel bookings. “We’re thrilled to be working with TravelOperations,” says Glenn Thorsen “together we’re helping the corporate travel world go Net Zero and Effortlessly Green.” 

“Together with TravelOperations, we’re helping the corporate travel world go Net Zero.” 

Glenn Thorsen, Thrust Carbon 

“Sustainability is an increasingly high-profile issue in corporate travel,” continues Peter Jacobsen. “This partnership means travel agents can offer their customers precise, accurate and automated data rather than the simplified, average excel calculations many other companies are providing. And, with our mid and back-office travel platform, the reporting is done effortless and instantly the moment the booking data has been created.” 

The new solution is the first solution supported by the new “TravelOperations Connect” service designed to provide an open API where travel agents and their customers can connect and activate a range of third-party solutions directly on top of their booking – additional solutions will be announced as they become available. 



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TravelOperations is a Copenhagen-based Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. They combine standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 with travel-specific add-ons to provide travel agency management software. This enables corporate and SME travel companies to automate their processes and systems.  

Thrust Carbon is a London-based tech company. They build technology that enables forward thinking companies to operate sustainably and offer green products and services. By comprehensively calculating carbon emissions, such as for travel, they provide a complete carbon picture and accurate reporting to large companies and SMEs. 


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