Guide: How to boost your travel business with AI and Copilot

The marketing department’s guide to working smarter with Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT.

In this guide, you will see four hands-on examples of how AI and Microsoft Copilot can ease the complexity in your marketing department and free up valuable time.

The guide covers exciting features of the Dynamics 365 Marketing application and shows you how much simpler your day-to-day work will be if you let Copilot do the heavy lifting.

Download the guide to see how Microsoft Copilot can help your travel business with:

  • Segmentation – You will see how easy it has become to use your natural language to create a list of recipients.
  • Content creation – You will see how Copilot can help you generate email content from the most basic input and help you get started when you are short on time.
  • Customer journeys – You will see how you create customer journeys to help you deliver content long into the future.
  • Notifications – You will see how notifications can bring you closer to your customers at the exact time they need to hear from you.

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