Guide: 27 ways to benefit from Microsoft Copilot

A free guide to help answer the question, “How can we actually use and benefit from Microsoft Copilot?”

Artificial Intelligence is a force to reckon with. The question is how travel businesses can utilize this emerging technology and to what extent AI tools can be used to increase travel business success.

Microsoft Copilot is a market-leading productivity tool available in all Dynamics 365 products, including the TravelOperations platform.

Download the guide to learn 27 specific use cases for how your travel business can use Microsoft Copilot to get more done – faster.

The guide extends beyond the TravelOperations platform and provides ideas on how to use Copilot for travel management, marketing, sales, service, HR, and more.

  • Gain insights with predictive analytics: By analyzing all your system data, Copilot can help you anticipate future travel trends and customer needs.
  • Ease the onboarding process: Copilot can help you personalize the onboarding process and ease the training in Dynamics 365.
  • Supplier management: Copilot can help you efficiently manage relationships with airlines, hotels, and other service providers.

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