TravelOperations partners with Riskline

TravelOperations partners with Riskline to enable travel agencies to deliver relevant and real-time safety updates to every traveler.

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TravelOperations partners with Riskline to offer travel agencies extensive pre-travel suggestions and real-time on-trip updates, enhancing safety, personalization, and peace of mind for travelers – while also providing significant time savings and concise guidance for agencies. Leveraging Riskline’s Travel Risk Intelligence, TravelOperations ensures agencies stay informed about evolving risks, contributing to traveler safety and satisfaction.

About Riskline

Riskline specializes in delivering travel risk assessments through continuous monitoring of the world’s political crises, security changes, and travel-related news. Riskline delivers initial alert messages within minutes directly to travelers, no matter where they are.

At TravelOperations, we understand the challenges travel agencies face in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their clients. This is why our strategic partnership with Riskline holds immense value for travel businesses.

The partnership provides extensive solutions to keep travelers well-informed and prepared before and during their journeys. Let’s dive into how TravelOperations and Riskline are working together to bring great advantages to travel agencies.

1. Pre-travel suggestions for enhanced safety and personalized experiences

Through our collaboration, travel agencies can seamlessly integrate Riskline’s pre-travel suggestions. These suggestions, delivered via email after booking, offer expert advice on global events and ensure that travelers are equipped with the latest health suggestions, enabling them to take necessary precautions and stay informed about potential risks. The benefits for travel agencies are notable:

  • Enhanced safety: Clients receive up-to-date health suggestions and keep an on safer travel practices.[CM1] 
  • Personalized experience: Customized suggestions cater to individual preferences, creating a more fulfilling journey.
  • Time savings: Streamlined information delivery saves both clients and agencies valuable time.
  • Peace of mind: Access to reliable, human-verified information ensures travelers can adapt confidently to changing situations.

2. Real-time on-trip updates for seamless journeys

With Riskline, travel agencies can provide important on-trip updates directly to the traveler’s inbox. With 30,000 real-time travel risk alerts dispatched annually, this partnership guarantees that travelers receive only the notifications relevant to their specific circumstances.

The advantages for travel agencies are significant:

  • Instant alerts: Travelers stay informed about changes impacting their plans, from travel restrictions to health recommendations.
  • Location-specific notifications: Precise information about affected areas aids in decision-making during emergencies.
  • Concise information and guidance: Clear risk levels and event categories simplify understanding, minimizing disruptions.
  • Routes and carriers’ details: Real-time information on affected airports, airlines, and travel routes facilitates smooth adjustments to travel plans.

3. Staying informed with Travel Risk Intelligence

In a world where travel risks increase, being informed is key to ensuring traveler safety and satisfaction. TravelOperations leverages Riskline’s expertise in monitoring over 100,000 open sources for travel intelligence. The data, personally verified by expert analysts, is seamlessly integrated into our platform, empowering travel agencies to stay ahead of evolving risks.

The evaluation of risk in each report is executed through their proprietary Risk Level system. This methodology, rooted in internationally acknowledged risk management practices, categorizes risks into levels likely Low, Moderate, Medium, High, and Extreme.

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