Behind every great customer experience is a travel CRM that connects each step of the journey

Deliver great customer service

Know what your customers want before they do by using insights based on AI recommendations and unified data.

Minimize your workload

Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction by replacing time-consuming and complex manual tasks with automated processes.

Scale as you

Build a business for the future with the flexibility you need to scale and the ability to act promptly on new initiatives.

Powered by Microsoft. Designed for travel to bridge sales, marketing, and customer service

Link people, data, and processes across your organization to work smarter. With one solution to connect every step of the customer journey, you will never again have to look in multiple systems for insights. Everything is stored on your TravelOperations platform – based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to add the ultimate level of security.

TravelOperations CRM is much more than a tool for sales. By adding Dynamics 365 Marketing, your marketing team will have access to the full suite including marketing automation to set up communication flows based on all your customer data.

We were looking for an innovative solution to not only store customer data in, but to connect our master data with our processes and infrastructure.

Marc Will, Intertours Reisen & Events

One platform. Endless benefits

Store all your data on one platform to boost productivity and free up time and resources. TravelOperations CRM provides the foundation to deliver truly personalized customer experiences.

Integrate with your favorite systems

Get the ultimate level of flexibility to continue using your favorite systems and connect them to your travel CRM.

Elevate productivity

Minimize time searching for data and automate processes with intelligent workflows across all departments.

Generate accurate reports

Use real-time insights to prioritize your resources and generate accurate reports based on reliable data.

Own your traveler profiles

Store customer data and traveler profiles directly in your CRM to get the flexibility you need to deliver better experiences.

Control the conversation

Create memorable customer experiences with well-timed marketing campaigns and communications built on detailed insights. 

Manage the pipeline intelligently

Simplify your sales process with automated tasks and control your pipeline with AI-driven recommendations.

Grow your business with data and AI

TravelOperations CRM structures customer data for easy identification of patterns, trends, and demands in the market, so you can quickly come away with actionable insights. It is an ideal way to find new revenue streams and ensure business growth.

With Microsoft’s AI-powered tools, you can eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and work smarter before, during, and after sales meetings via seamless collaboration in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, auto-generated meeting summaries, and intelligent action lists.

Travel businesses of all sizes rely on TravelOperations

From Europe to Australia, North America to Asia. Travel businesses all over the world use TravelOperations to connect each step of the customer journey. 

We want each customer to feel prioritized, to have the feeling that we know them and understand what they find important while travelling. Now, with the right technology that is just what we can do.

Johan Nyrén, BIG Travel

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