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Effectively manage all of your mid-office operations with our user-friendly and flexible solution.

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An API for all your booking sources

✓ Our solution is GDS neutral – the GDS import framework is designed to integrate all main GDS providers such as Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo.

✓ Pre-built integrations further include a front-office API, a vendor API, and a standard XML API.

✓ Supported file formats include XML, JSON & TXT.

✓ Your booking sources can communicate with the system via VPN, web service or other channels.

  • How many systems do you deal with on a daily basis?
  • Your main work tool is your friend: it should make your life easier, not be a source of frustration
  • Navigate, manipulate and send data effortlessly 
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Effectively manage group travel

✓ Control allotments for groups with the Group Travel module.

✓ Create and control group tours.

✓ Possible integration with your front-office or website. Direct synchronisation makes error-prone data entry obsolete.

✓ Easy and intuitive user interface.

  • Are you eager to spend less time worrying and more time selling?
  • No more stressing over handling several parties for one order
  • Leave brain knots for the system and focus only on what matters
Group travel screenshot 2
Group travel screenshot 2
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Easy and highly flexible configuration of fees

✓ Automatic calculation of fees based on booking channel, itinerary details, customer, ticket type and value.

✓ High level of automation and control of service fees including full support of GDS charged (BSP/ASC) fees.

✓ Add fees based on PNR’s, sales orders, or per invoice.

✓ Bundle fees on multi-product sales and collect fees on predefined product or based on highest amount.

✓ Set up customers for periodic fee collection (collective invoice for all fees that occur during a given period).

  • Are you tired of cutting corners on your own margins?
  • Calculating and applying fees won’t ever be a source of worries: the system handles this for you 
  • Increase your margins with no additional struggle for your employees
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Easily create all necessary documents

✓ Create offers, confirmations, vouchers, gift cards and receipts with one click.

✓ Auto-generate or manually create invoices with highly flexible configuration options.

✓ Flexible itinerary layout that always displays the current information.

✓ Integrates a vast amount of data captured from the booking source.

  • Are you losing customers because you can’t provide them relevant reports?
  • Create a unique experience for your customers with simple and efficient documents
  • No more checking once, twice, thrice the accuracy of your data before sending documents: your customers will always receive the right information
Documents Screenshot
Documents Screenshot
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Seamlessly control your allotments

✓ Manage individual allotments for hotel rooms, cruises etc.

✓ Manage package tours with mandatory allotments and optional add-on items.

✓ Administration of own season and/or allotment content.

✓ Advanced database to upload price, season and product type.

✓ Allowing your employees to drill down and provide detailed financial feedback.

  • Do you dream of a world where allotment handling doesn’t give you a headache?
  • Empower your employees with accurate, easy-to-access and detailed data
  • Make the most of your potential with minimal effort and get the peace of mind you deserve
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Improve your travel agency's mid office today!

Are you curious how could your travel business benefit from our mid-office solution tailored for the travel industry? Get in touch with us and we will get back to you!


We are Travel Industry experts that have developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with added travel-specific functionality to support travel agents in their daily tasks and empower their entire team.

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