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Travel Agency Back Office Features

Our solution’s back-office features tailored for the needs of travel agencies help you to increase your productivity and keep track of your activities.

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Harness a fully integrated back office

✓ Data transfer from any booking source to the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules. 

✓ No need to manually enter data points.

✓ Instant and automated synchronisation.

✓ Support of all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

✓ Supports any other booking source providing structured formatted layouts (e.g. XML, JSON, TXT etc.). 

  • Can you afford to rely on error-prone manual processes? 
  • Never worry again about software compatibility and handling various systems
  • Leave manual work behind and focus on what matters
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Effectively manage your customers

✓ Automatically create customer transactions and raise invoices.

✓ Link your customer records with vendor records.

✓ Track, receive and visualize payments.

✓ Full credit and debit card support.

✓ Support of invoice creation and payment handling in multiple currencies.

✓ Flexible reporting functionality.

  • Are you using all the data you have about your customers to provide more value to them?
  • Be the provider that all customer want to use through smooth invoicing and flexible payment methods
  • Make sense of customer behavior and strive to keep improving
Customer screenshot full
Customer screenshot full
Vendor Screenshot

Foster vendor relationships

✓ Import and settle vendor transactions.

✓ Create and maintain vendor to supplier relationships.

✓ Receive and process invoices through your preferred matching method.

✓ Full audit trail tracking.

✓ Advanced accrual accounting features to fit your needs.

✓ Sophisticated payment functionality including payment proposals and pre-payments.

  • Could you be getting betting agreements with your suppliers if you had access to all the relevant information?
  • Create a smooth experience for all parties involved
  • Empower your business through improved inter-organizational network
Hotel Commission Screenshot

BSP/ARC reconciliation the easy way

✓ Reduce the amount of work required for BSP/ARC reconciliation to a minimum.

✓ Automatic validation of all transactions charged from the BSP/ARC vendor.

✓ High levels of control make sure that all flight tickets are invoiced correctly. 

✓ Well organised workspace solely created for this purpose.

✓ Support of both HOT and IAR files.

  • How much time do you waste manually reconciliating flight tickets? 
  • A clear and strong structure to help you be your best self
  • Attend any customer, no matter where they are located in the world
BSP reconciliation screenshot
BSP reconciliation screenshot
Hotel Commission Screenshot

Keep track of hotel and car commissions

Automatic process based on data from the booking source.

✓ Conveniently track, trace and collect commissions for hotel and car rental transactions.

✓ Directly updates consultant as well as department turnover and margins.

✓ Integrates with all main clearing houses. 

✓ Standard import layout for easy importing of received commissions. 

  • Are you losing money on your commissions?
  • Be in control of your business and never lose track of key numbers
  • Trust the software: you can rely on up-to-date information and data
Vendor Screenshot

Let the system do the work for you

✓ Manage complex processes with workflows.

✓ Sophisticated General Ledger account reconciliation process. 

✓ Convenient period end closing. 

✓ High variety of available reports including trial balance, margins and forecast values. 

✓ Ability to import bank statements and reconcile bank accounts automatically.

✓ Foreign exchange rate management. 

✓ Full support of destination/area based travel GST/VAT calculation.

  • Are consultants today spending more time working in systems, instead of talking to customers?
  • Your time is more valuable than manually handling exchange rates and local tax schemes
  • You can finally focus on what the numbers mean for your business
Screenshot TravelOps Enterprise
Screenshot TravelOps Enterprise

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We are Travel Industry experts that have developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with added travel-specific functionality to support travel agents in their daily tasks and empower their entire team.

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