Customer Story



To stay ahead of the competition, travel agencies require efficiency in their operations and must continually maintain a well-structured Back- and Mid-office to do business the best way possible. In the case of Rejsepartnerne, they started to face problems with the old system:

  • Outdated system
  • Slow running programs
  • Complicated features
  • Not being able to deliver needed information in time
  • No opportunity to individualize the product catalogue


    • Time spent without TravelOperations 30% 30%
    • Time spent with TravelOperations 10% 10%


    By taking the decision to go to the cloud with TravelOperations, Rejsepartnerne can now structure their processes better and get consistency across various channels through the integrated system. They can now react faster and smarter to the needs of their clients while making valid decisions with the help of statistical information gained through Microsoft Dynamics 365 and TravelOperations. The time travel agents spend searching for information is reduced to 10% as well as the average time of locating each document which is reduced to an average of 3 minutes. Other advantages are:

    • Seamless integration from all booking sources into one sales order
    • Tailored BSP reconciliation
    • Hotel comission tracking



    expected increase in profitability


    The overall operational efficiency of Rejsepartnerne is expected to grow rapidly. Since the travel agents can react faster than before and are able to spend more time with the customer, they can create unique value. The knowledge and insights they get from the interactions with the clients help them to improve their product portfolio steadily. Additionally, the time saved can be optimally used to generate more sales and grow the business in a sustainable way.

    Consisting of three independent travel agencies, Rejsepartnerne was founded in 2003 and grew to a dominant player in the Scandinavian travel industry since then. By offering corporate travel and leisure travel trips they cover a diverse portfolio with high quality. Read more here: 

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