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Hans Mangaard CEO Mangaard Travel Group

Hans Mangaard, Mangaard Travel Group, CEO

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Peter Kjaergaard, Rejsechefen, CEO .

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Michael Prehn, Top Rejser, CEO

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Who is Rejsepartnerne?

In 2003, three independent Danish travel agencies have merged to found the largest alliance of travel agencies in Denmark. Rejsepartnerne (Travel Partners) consists of Top Rejser, Mangaard Travel Group and Rejsechefen.

Their aligned desire to offer the best conditions to their customers and suppliers have led Hans Mangaard (Mangaard Travel Group), Peter Kjaergaard Jensen (Rejsechefen) and Michael Prehn (Top Rejser) to create large cooperation where they share IT investments, marketing and procurement. Their ultimate goal? Provide their travelers with great conditions and the best deals.

The group grew to a dominant player in the Scandinavian travel industry since then. By offering both corporate and leisure travel services, they cover a broad spectrum of needs and are the one-stop travel agency that their customers need.

The challenge

Due to great growth in recent years and hyper-digitalization of the travel industry in general, Rejsepartnerne started to experience some of the drawbacks of being supported by older systems. In particular, their programs were running too slow and the features were very complicated. Their old system simply started to be too outdated to be efficient: their consultants couldn’t access nor deliver information at the right time and data was so spread out and separated into silos that it was impossible to individualize their product catalog.

At a time where the competition is keen on using personalization and other digital weapons to widen their market share, the Travel Partners felt they would soon start to lose ground to their competitors. It was crucial to find the technology that would not only enable them to work more efficiently and faster, but that would truly become an extension of their vision.

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Travel agents working efficiently thanks to a modern travel agency management system

The solution

By taking the decision to go to the cloud with TravelOperations Enterprise, Rejsepartnerne saw a potential to structure their processes better and get consistency across various channels.

Adopting an integrated system would help them react faster and in a smarter way to the needs of their clients while making valid decisions thanks to the reporting tools included in the new solution.

Their previous system which was outdated, complicated and slow. Rejsepartnerne opted for a solution with a user-friendly and modern interface that would work faster, be easier to use, while still offering all the required functionality.



The impact

The overall operational efficiency of Rejsepartnerne is expected to grow rapidly. The time travel agents spend searching for information has gone from 30% of their work hours to 10%. It now takes their travel agents an average of 3 minutes to locate documents.

Since the travel agents can react faster than before and are able to spend more time with the customer, they can create unique value. Additionally, the time saved can be optimally used to generate more sales and grow the business in a sustainable way.

The knowledge and insights they get from the interactions with the clients help them to improve their product portfolio steadily.

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