Order form – Business

Version: 11 October 2023

1.              The Parties

Travel Operations Business A/S
Kirsten Walthers Vej 8
2500 Valby
Company reg. no. 38 70 77 01
(hereinafter referred to as “TravelOperations“)
Company reg. no. [●]
(hereinafter referred to as “Customer“)

2.              Invoicing

Customer must provide the following information and notify TravelOperations in case of any changes in such information:

VAT number:[insert]
Invoicing email address:[insert]

Customer accepts that all invoices will be sent to the above email.

3.              Terms & Conditions

The Agreement between TravelOperations and Customer is governed by the following documents (and in the following order of precedence), which are incorporated by reference:

4.              Software subscriptions

Subscription Commencement Date:March 1, 2023

The Customer will subscribe the following TravelOperations Software and Third-Party Software set out in the table on the next page (all prices are excl. VAT). However, during the term of the SOW (Implementation), the quantities and license costs will be kept at the minimum required for TravelOperations to complete the implementation.

Monthly Payment PlanYearly Payment Plan
Product or ServiceQuantityPrice per subscriptionTotal price per monthQuantityPrice per subscriptionTotal price per year
TravelOperations Business Including
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Full User
TravelOperations Business Including
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Full User
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise0$114,00$0,000$1.140,00$0,00
TravelOperations Engage for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise
Microsoft Power BI Pro10$12,00$120,000$10,00$0,00
Microsoft Power BI Premium15$24,00$120,000$20,00$0,00
Total subscription fee:$480,00$19.650,00

Aggregated overview of fees:

Total annual subscription fees (Monthly Payment Plans + Yearly Payment Plans):$25.410,00
Microsoft Azure Monthly fee(estimated; consumption based):$500,00

5.              Applicable Statement of Works (SOWs)

The SOWs marked with an ☒ below shall apply to the Agreement:

SOW (Implementation)
SOW attached to this Order Form.
Estimated fee:$ 55,658
SOW (One Version Maintenance)
Standard maintenance/release assistance for TravelOperations Software (version: 11 October 2023), terms available at: [link]
Anual fee:USD 30.000 per year
Commencement date:On Subscription Commencement Date (see above)
SOW (One Version Support)
Standard support for TravelOperations software (version: 11 October 2023), terms available at: [link]
Support Level:⬜ Foundation
⬜ Basic – normal business hours
⬜ Gold – normal business hours
Annual fee:USD 10.000 per year
Commencement date:1 month before go-live
Hourly Rates for additional services delivered under One Version Maintenance and One Version Support
Consultant (Application and Business): [USD 200] per hour
Customer Success Manager: [USD 200] per hour
Application Developer: [USD 200] per hour
Solution Architect (Lead, Technical and Functional): [USD 200] per hour

6.             Special conditions

The following special conditions shall apply to the Agreement:

[insert “None” if not relevant]

[Examples of special conditions below:

Example where the termination period for TravelOperation extended to 180 days:

Clause 13.1.2 of the Master Terms shall be replaced by the following:
–         Under the Yearly Payment Plan, the initial term of Customer’s subscription to the TravelOperations Software is one (1) year from the Subscription Commencement Date specified in the Order Form (the “Initial Term”). Upon expiration of the Initial Term, Customer’s subscription will continue to automatically renew for successive one (1) year renewal terms (each a “Renewal Term”) unless Customer provides to TravelOperations a notice not to renew at least 30 days before the expiration of the Initial or Renewal Term, TravelOperations provides to Customer a notice not to renew at least 180 days before the expiration of the Initial or Renewal Term, as the case may be.

Example of right for TravelOperations to suspend is waived:

Clause 7.3.7(ii) of the Master Terms shall be deleted and no longer apply.

Example where Customer’s template Data Processing Agreement is accepted (instead of TravelOperations’ template):

The Data Processing Agreement linked to under Section 3 in this Order Form shall be replaced with Customer’s standard Data Processing Agreement, which is attached to this Order Form as Appendix 1.]

7. Document approval

For the Customer:                                                     For Travel Operations:

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Signature                                                                     Signature

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Printed Name                                                              Printed Name

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