TravelOperations Engage
for Microsoft Dynamics 365

 Unleash your sales force and consultant’s potential by offering access to key traveler insights, profile information, and preferences by using a CRM system, uniquely tailored for the needs of travel businesses.

Sales Management

Increase customer retention

Acquiring new customers can cost 5 times more than retaining existing ones. Are you ready to increase your retention rates by creating better customer relationships? 

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Manage customer profiles

Many travel agencies use ineffective ways to manage customers’ profiles. Would you like to have all your customer and profile information available when you need it?

TravelOperations document creation functionality

Organize your customer data

Non-integrated systems mean inefficiency, data redundancy, and time-consuming manual activities. Would you like to easily access and update all your customer data?

Build long-lasting relationships. Accelerate your sales performance. Leverage travel insights.

TravelOperations Engage is an effective CRM solution for small, mid-sized, and large travel businesses built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales that provides you with:  

  • Customer acquisition: revenue and profitability tracking, actions and status updates, identification of team members, stakeholders and competitors. 
  • Account and profile management: travel policy, traveler profiles, UDID configuration 
  • Engagement to booking: contact and profile lookup, prioritization
  • Unified platform: integration with GDS and profile management tools (e.g., Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 F&O, LinkedIn), booking history 
  • Self-service: profile management, customer-specific reporting 
  • Case management: case tracking through the customer journey
  • Insights and reporting: 360-degree view of customers, customer interaction insights, advanced and custom analytics with Power BI 

What are the features of TravelOperations Engage?

TravelOperations document creation functionality


Keep track of all critical information of your customers – from traveling, seating, or meal preferences to loyalty programs, travel documents, and emergency contacts.

TravelOperations solution have a role-based interface to preserve data privacy


Determine what content interests your customers by viewing their behavior, and keep track of your interactions across digital touchpoints with the feature powered by LinkedIn.

TravelOperations integration functionality


TravelOperations Engage is 100% tailored to meet travel businesses’ needs. All your booking sources and flight tickets are seamlessly integrated into the application.

Travel agency support


The integration with Microsoft Teams supports easy multichannel communication with your customers, including phone calls within the single platform.



Your AI-powered workspace prioritizes your tasks based on sales activity predictions and uses conversation intelligence to maximize the efficiency of your sales. 

Sales Management


Stay on track with your customer satisfaction and get relevant feedbacks thanks to the automated and ad-hoc Voice of customer surveys. 

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We are Travel Industry experts that have developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with added travel-specific functionality to support travel agents in their daily tasks and empower their entire team.

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