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Travel-specific features

Self-Service Portal

Enable your customers to update their own profiles and preferences. It’s a highly requested feature that limits the time you have to spend updating individual customer profiles and provides a sense of security to your customers that are able to access their own profiles.

In the self-service portal your customers can handle:

✓ Profile management
✓ Company profile management
✓ Customer specific reporting


  • Give your customers what they request and know: Access to a self-service portal.
  • With a self-service portal you empower your customers and give them access to their own information. You open up for a new way of cooperating – handing over some of the small but time-consuming jobs to the customer.

Traveler Profiles

Every single traveler profile is stored in your CRM system with all the insights you can dream of. You can even create numerous traveler profiles on the same person to account for his/her varying preferences.

You will have instant access to:

✓ Travel preferences
✓ Loyalty programs
✓ Travel documents (passport/visa)
✓ Seating, meal and hotel preferences
✓ Survey history… and much more


  • You will have full ownership of your traveler profiles. They will be stored on your platform and visible in the booking platform through integration. 

Standard Features from Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Build long-lasting customer relationships

✓ With one version of the truth – One platform with all customer related information, you are setting marketing up for success.

✓ Determine what content interests your customers and personalize your content by viewing their behavior and keep track of your interactions across digital touchpoints. 

✓ Set up automatic communications so that no customers are neglected.

✓ Find opportunities and risks associated with your customers through an AI-based relationship health score, and proactively address those challenges.


  • Marketing, sales, service and consultants will always have access to real-time updates on every single customer’s history and preferences.
  • With insights you can create tailored communications delivered at just the right time to create amazing customer experiences. That means happy customers that keeps returning.

Automate your sales process

✓ Having all data in one system will be the end of Excel madness. It will be the end of wasting time searching for the latest version of a document. 

✓ Intuitively build roadmaps to stay on top of everything going on in your sales agenda.

✓ Reporting, sales insights and lead management is basic CRM features that will make a world of difference. Consultants will automatically be notified once a new lead is ready to be approached or it’s time to follow up on an open opportunity.

✓ Integration with Microsoft Teams supports easy multichannel communication with your customers, including phone calls and email templates within the CRM platform. 


  • Work smarter with automated workflows and one version of the truth
  • Log phone calls, text messages and emails in the CRM system, to add all key pieces of information.

Boost consultant productivity

✓ Minimize your routine tasks and save precious time by automatically creating new records such as contacts, meetings, and tasks.

✓ Stay productive on the go with sales workspace tailored to your mobile and optimized for consultants’ daily tasks.

✓ Leverage smartphone power to save time – use your phone camera to input data faster and keep track of your sales processes more efficiently


  • Spend more time creating memorable customer experiences and long lasting relationships.
  • Make effective decisions with real-time insight on project status and profitability.

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We are Travel Industry experts that have developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with added travel-specific functionality to support travel agents in their daily tasks and empower their entire team.

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