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Who is Dalhoff Travel?

Dalhoff Travel is a customer centric travel-agency providing tailormade business travel trips, international conference arrangements and personalized itineraries for group and study tours.

Dalhoff Travel was founded in 2007, by Tina Dalhoff with a desire to build a genuinely customer-oriented travel business. Since then, she has recruited a team of similarly dedicated travel consultants and support staff with extensive travel knowledge.

Tina’s energy and positivity imbues every aspect of this travel agency. Her whole team is 100% focused on providing a highly personalized travel service. They get to know each customer as an individual in order to identify their specific needs and plan each trip down to the smallest detail. Dalhoff Travel’s success has been built on harnessing their worldwide travel industry knowledge and networks to meet customers’ expectations and anticipate and support their future needs. 

The challenge

Dalhoff Travel runs a 24/7 customer service based on a deep understanding of every individual customer’s needs and preferences. No detail is overlooked. Everything, from a customer’s travel club membership benefits to their favorite restaurant, forms part of their personalized, seamless service.

That level of service builds incredibly strong customer loyalty. However, such complex travel planning also involves collecting, storing, and retrieving significant amounts of customer information. All of which were stored within multiple non-integrated legacy systems resulting in a highly manual, time-consuming, and inefficient process.

In an increasingly uncertain world, Dalhoff Travel needed an integrated mid and back-office solution with the ability to accommodate future products and complexity but very importantly with the flexibility to instantly up or downscale according to business demands.

portrait of Tina Dalhoff, founder and general manager of Dahloff Travel

I prefer that we spend time getting to know and support our customers rather than spending time hand carrying data from one system to another. 

Tina Dalhoff, Director Dalhoff Travel

Travel agents preparing travel arrangements for business people for a conference trip

The solution

Tina Dalhoff constantly strives to ensure optimal and effective working environment as well as a healthy economy of scale. To allocate more time to the customers require less/automated work

elsewhere. To free everyone from repetitive, manual inputting and reporting tasks, she decided to implement TravelOperations Business, our solution for small and mid-sized travel agencies.

By opting for an integrated mid and back-office solution, the Dalhoff Travel team now automate all their travel orders, BSP and bank reconciliations. With fully integrated GDS and NDC systems, they now retrieve customer travel data automatically and easy to use. In short, it has enabled them to deliver more effectively on their customer promise ‘to be your personal travel agent’.

Implementing TravelOperations Business will future-proof my travel agency. Automating the operational tasks gives us the time and flexibility to build human connections with our customers and make their travel experiences exceptional.” 

Tina Dalhoff, Director, Dalhoff Travel

The impact

Tina Dalhoff was always confident that this shift to a modern, integrated, Cloud-based system would make their time from “travel-offer” to invoice much quicker and automated. She also recognized that automation reduces the risk of human error and frees up her team to spend more time on what they do best, serving customers.

Nevertheless, she was initially concerned about the process of implementing a new system and the risk of escalating budgets and business disruption if the project over-ran.

TravelOperations were able to assure the Dalhoff Travel team with their best-practice implementation method Travel-2-go.

“TravelOperations delivered on every promise. The system was implemented within one month from beginning to go-live. All in 10 days and they delivered for a fixed price – we had no nasty surprises!”

Tina Dalhoff, Director, Dalhoff Travel

Travel-2-go is a fixed price and pre-defined, pre-built and pre-configured implementation with our Travel solution capabilities and work activities front-loaded. A complete travel solution implemented in just 10 consulting days, spread across a month, with no operational downtime for the business.

In practice, the TravelOperations ‘we will get you live in 10 days’ promise meant that customer-specific configurations, master data integration, system set up and testing were all delivered in 10 consulting days. It also includes full team training with all employees up and running, working with the system independently of TravelOperations by the go-live date. Last but not least this is delivered at a fixed price. This significantly reduces both the financial and operational risk.


Business travelers discussing arrangements on business plane


COVID-19 has dramatically altered life as we know it but Tina Dalhoff is confident that the longer-term prospects are positive for Dalhoff Travel. They will continue to provide expert advice and support to customers; making travel easier and more enjoyable. If anything, the human connection is now more critical than ever to help customers return to travel with confidence.

Dalhoff Travel’s greatest asset will always be its people. But, innovative technology will ensure they make the most of the opportunities ahead. By automating the predictable, repetitive travel agency tasks, Dalhoff Travel is ideally positioned to humanize their exceptional customer service, travel knowledge and expertise.


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We are Travel Industry experts that have developed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with added travel-specific functionality to support travel agents in their daily tasks and empower their entire team.

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