Norse Atlantic Airways

Building an airline for tomorrow using state-of-the-art travel technology from the get-go.

The 10-second resume

Norse Atlantic Airways relies on TravelOperations ERP/mid and back-office to provide excellent customer experience and affordable flights. Norse chose TravelOperations and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to get one holistic platform tailored for travel with the ability to support the growth of Norse with smart processes from the very start.

About Norse Atlantic Airways

Norse Atlantic Airways is a Norwegian low-cost, long-haul airline headquartered in Arendal, Norway. Founded in February 2021, the airline operates a fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft between Europe and North America.

The challenge

When starting a new airline in 2021, basing your business on the right technology is essential for success. Norse Atlantic Airways needed IT solutions that were the right fit for the future and were looking for a cloud-based platform that could support their business by being agile, compatible, and easy to use.

Norse Atlantic Airways has a holistic approach to choosing IT solutions. They want each part of their “IT puzzle” to fit together to create a solid foundation that can support the airline’s overall goal of being able to provide excellent customer experience and affordable flights.

Norse Atlantic Airways required a system that would support the growth of Norse, who expect to grow from its start in 2021 to 1,500 employees once it has 15 aircraft in the year 2023. In that respect, Norse was heavily focused on increasing efficiency by automating processes and avoiding unnecessary manual interventions. This meant Norse was looking for a partner who had a joint vision of creating an efficient and automated system that could help Norse drive growth and focus on customer experience and keeping costs low.

The solution

Norse Atlantic Airways had clear goals in mind and a tight schedule. They needed the right platform from the start and had to find a partner that understood the travel industry.

We´ ve selected IT solutions that are a good fit for 2022 and the foreseeable future. We chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 because it gives us tight control over our financials, offers amazing functionality, and is compatibility with the systems we will add on in the future. Having TravelOperations deliver this in a record short time has been an amazing journey and I can only commend TravelOperations and Microsoft for their collaboration with Norse Atlantic Airways. They truly feel like Team Norse!

Ben Boiling, Chief Financial Officer at Norse Atlantic Airways

To support their rapid growth and need for a People System solution within the Dynamics 365 platform, Norse partnered with AX Data, a local Norwegian Microsoft Partner who brought with them their Dynamics 365 HR experience.

The impact

Norse Atlantic Airways is built to be an agile and scalable business. A business that has the right tools to help its employees perform and spend time on what matters most: Creating amazing customer experiences.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the central platform, TravelOperations Enterprise offers the full ERP experience with automated processes and travel-specific functionality that allows Norse Atlantic Airways to work efficiently with the smallest possible margin for mistakes. The platform supports Norse´s current business requirements from a finance and platform perspective but is built with the future in mind and is ready to support Norse Atlantic Airways as they grow. With all data stored on one platform, there is no end to the possibilities.

We needed to be forward thinking. TravelOperations and Microsoft have the products to help us be just that. We partnered with TravelOperations because they understand our business and they deliver the best Dynamics 365 solution for anyone in travel. They were a great team to work with and have truly become a partner that we see a long-term collaboration with

Ben Boiling, Chief Financial Officer at Norse Atlantic Airway

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