Opting for cloud-based technology to get the speed, efficiency, and flexibility needed to remain competitive.

The 10-second resume

62°N was looking for speed and efficiency to optimize the agency’s financial processes. With TravelOperations ERP/mid and back-office for small and medium-sized travel businesses, creating sales orders and handling the invoicing process has never been easier. Adding the benefit of a cloud-based platform that any of the 19 users can access from everywhere, 62oN has a system that checks all the boxes.

About 62°N

Founded in 1963, 62°N is the most seasoned travel agency in the Faroe Islands. With branches for both business and leisure travel, 62oN provides comprehensive travel services worldwide offering individual and package tours, group travel, school trips, conferences, and global events.

The challenge

With a rich history of more than 60 years, 62°N has experienced the immense changes that the travel industry has experienced over the years. Feeling the obstacles inherent in legacy systems, including manual, time-consuming order processing and limited functionality, the experienced travel agency knew it was time for a system upgrade to maintain its position as one of Faroe Island’s leading travel agencies. The challenge was quite clear; 62oN needed a travel platform that could help them work smarter and faster rather than a system that was holding them back.

Over a period of 6 years, we had been through quite a few systems. We tried standard systems and custom-made systems and even tried to make our own system that would fit our exact needs. But none of the systems we have tried gave us the efficiency and speed we needed.

Leivur Samuelson, 62°N

The solution

Considering the pace of the travel industry, 62°N recognized that they needed a modern platform that would help simplify processes and free up time from the get-go. They ultimately decided that the priority was to find a future-proof and modern solution that would cover both travel management and finance management.

From a sales point of view, we needed a system that could save us time. The old system was too slow, and it took a very long time just to create a sales order. So, our goal was to minimize time spent on administration – we needed a system that could help us become more efficient, automate processes, and eliminate data duplicated in several systems.

Olav Færø, 62oN

62oN opted for TravelOperations Business, a powerful mid and back-office platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a full financial solution, automated processes, and standard Microsoft functionality it was everything 62oN was looking for.

A solution based on Microsoft just made us feel safe in the choice – it’s a quality stamp that ensures the data security we need but also brings peace of mind that we have a high-quality system that will not become outdated any time soon.

Leivur Samuelson, 62oN

The impact

With TravelOperations’ mid and back-office, 62oN now has a system that provides the speed and efficiency they were missing. They save time on repetitive tasks with automated processes, and standard templates have notably enhanced efficiency, making it very simple to create sales orders and handle the invoicing process. As a bonus, 62oN also got the flexibility they had been missing.

It’s a huge benefit that TravelOperations is a cloud-based solution. We always have access and can help clients on the spot regardless of when we meet them. The Faroe Islands is a small community, so we meet customers at social events, and to be able to go into the system from the mobile to answer questions right then and there, is truly amazing.

Leivur Samuelson, 62oN

Going into the project, 62oN was keen to find a user-friendly solution that would ensure that new employees could easily adapt and contribute to the operations seamlessly. With TravelOperations mid and back-office, that is exactly what they got. All 19 users quickly grasped the logic behind the system, making the learning curve smoother and faster compared to what 62oN had previously tried.

62oN needed a system that could be implemented quickly. The timeframe from initiation to go-live was only 3 months, and 62oN went live timely and, most importantly, according to business success criteria.

We were looking for speed, efficiency, and flexibility in a user-friendly system. I can honestly say that’s what we have with TravelOperations. I would not hesitate to recommend the platform and give it a 10 out of 10 rating.

Leivur Samuelson, 62oN

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