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Meet the team and read inspiring stories from our TravelOps team members achieveing their dreams.

Meet some of our colleagues

Our team brings a wealth of experience from both expertise in implementation of ERP projects to travel specific knowledge and technological excellence. Below, you can see some of the faces behind TravelOperations.

Mathilde Abildgaard, Business Consultant

My passion is development and optimization of business processes through innovative thinking. With TravelOps, I get to work with this – in Brisbane, Australia! It is an amazing opportunity to experience the work culture in a foreign country.

Jann Hemmingsen, Finance Lead

It is in my DNA to make a difference for both existing and new customers. We are not working with rocket science, but if we did, we would send people to the moon every single day!

Warren Shrimpton, Solution Architect

With every implementation I endeavour to inject a synergy between the users and the system. Striving to delivery project objectives through tenacity and teamwork.

Jacob S. Andersen, Lead Solution Architect

I strive always to improve both solutions and the services delivered. I work to optimize team performance within projects and daily work to ensure that we always aim at getting better.


Thomas Kümpel, Senior Business Consultant

The travel industry is like a second family for me. After working as a travel consultant for several years, I have been implementing travel back and mid offices for 20 years. My biggest strengths are that I can speak the travel language and put myself in the shoes of our customers – literally!

Caroline Ollendorff, Senior Business Consultant

I have very thorough knowledge about the Travel industry – from my own background as a Travel Consultant for many years – and I always do my utmost to deliver great service to our customers in the Travel industry. At TravelOps, I can do what I love from anywhere: it’s win-win!

Peter Jacobsen, Lead Solution Architect

Coming from a travel agency and many years of implementing mid and back offices to the Travel industry, the Travel industry is my passion. My Goal is to provide the most streamlined Travel solution based on standard software and get as many automatic processes included as possible.

Jan A. Nielsen, Senior Developer

I have nothing short of 22 years of experience in developing systems for the travel industry –  the travel industry is very much my specialty! Furthermore, I have an economic background, and I find this combination very interesting in my daily work.

Carsten VintherIntegration Lead

Integrations; imagine 10 boxes of Lego with 100 pieces in each box – some of the pieces are 20 years old, some are brand new. The pieces are in different sizes/shapes/colors. Our task is to build a red and green dinosaur with 2 heads in 3 days. My team and I will deliver exactly that dinosaur – in perfect quality – in 3 days.

Martin Korsbro, Senior Developer

My primary focus is always to deliver code in highest quality and on time. In TravelOperations, I enjoy that we, in general, do not have unnecessary meetings – we wish to prevent employees from being unnecessarily interrupted so that we can focus on doing what we do best.

Nicholai Neergaard, Senior Developer

In my daily work as a developer, I enjoy that TravelOps is a workplace with little bureaucracy – we are great at putting ideas and decisions into action, and therefore, we are in a better position to achieve the results we desire.

Freja Hjeresen Christiansen, Project Manager

My focus is on strong communication in the project, which establishes relationships and trust. I believe that the best work is done by a team that communicates, trusts each other and profits by each other’s supplementary skill-sets.

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Thomas - Growing up in the Travel Industry

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