Travel Agency Back-Office

Streamline your operations using state-of-the-art travel agency Back-Office software

Harness a fully integrated Back-Office

✓ Data transfer from any booking source to the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules. 

✓ No need to manually enter data points.

✓ Instant and automated synchronisation.

✓ Support of all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

✓ Supports any other booking source providing structured formatted layouts (e.g. XML, JSON, TXT etc.). 

Keep track of hotel and car commissions

Automatic process based on data from the booking source.

✓ Conveniently track, trace and collect commissions for hotel and car rental transactions.

✓ Directly updates consultant as well as department turnover and margins.

✓ Integrates with all main clearing houses. 

✓ Standard import layout for easy importing of received commissions. 

BSP reconciliation the easy way

✓ Reduce the amount of work required for BSP reconciliation to a minimum.

✓ Automatic validation of all transactions charged from the BSP vendor.

✓ High levels of control make sure that all flight tickets are invoiced correctly. 

✓ Well organised workspace solely created for this purpose.

✓ Support of both HOT and IAR files.

Let the system do the work for you

✓ Manage complex processes with workflows.

✓ Sophisticated General Ledger account reconciliation process. 

✓ Convenient period end closing. 

✓ High variety of available reports including trial balance, margins and forecast values. 

✓ Ability to import bank statements and reconcile bank accounts automatically.

✓ Foreign exchange rate management. 

✓ Full support of destination/area based travel GST/VAT calculation.

Foster Vendor Relationships

✓ Import and settle vendor transactions.

✓ Create and maintain vendor to supplier relationships.

✓ Receive and process invoices through your preferred matching method.

✓ Full audit trail tracking.

✓ Advanced accrual accounting features to fit your needs.

✓ Sophisticated payment functionality including payment proposals and pre-payments.

Effectively manage your customers

✓ Automatically create customer transactions and raise invoices.

✓ Link your customer records with vendor records.

✓ Track, receive and visualize payments.

✓ Full credit and debit card support.

✓ Support of invoice creation and payment handling in multiple currencies.

✓ Flexible reporting functionality.

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